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Here, you can watch an experienced EMT-Basic perform the important skills you need to learn. Seeing these skills in action will help you to cope confidently and correctly when faced with an emergency.

Chapter Chapter Title
6 Lifting and Moving Patients
   Moving a Patient
   Types of Carries
7 Airway
   Adult Airway
   Checking Breathing
   Head Tilt - Chin Lift Maneuver
   Jaw Thrust Maneuver
   Recovery Position
8 Patient Assessment
   Patient Assessment
12 Cardiovascular Emergencies
   Hand Position
20 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
   Umbilical Cord
23 Shock
   Shock Treatment
27 Chest Injuries
29 Musculoskeletal Care
   Injured Limb
   Types of Splint
30 Head and Spine Injuries
   Spinal Cord Injury
31 Pediatric Emergencies
   Children and Infants