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Select a Chapter Interactivities: Interactive Skill Drills for All Chapters

Interactive Skill Drills will help you with the most important skills taught in an EMT-Basic course.

Chapter Chapter Title
2 The Well-Being of the EMT-B
   Skill Drill 2-1: Proper Glove Removal Technique
5 Baseline Vital Signs and SAMPLE History
   Skill Drill 5-1: Obtaining a BP by Auscultation or Palpation
6 Lifting and Moving Patients
   Skill Drill 6-1: Performing the Power Lift
   Skill Drill 6-2: Performing the Diamond Carry
   Skill Drill 6-3: Performing the One-Handed Carrying Technique
   Skill Drill 6-4: Carrying a Patient on Stairs
   Skill Drill 6-5: Using a Stair Chair
   Skill Drill 6-7: Extremity Lift
   Skill Drill 6-8: Using a Scoop Stretcher
   Skill Drill 6-9: Loading a Cot into an Ambulance
7 Airway
   Skill Drill 7-1: Positioning the Unconscious Patient
   Skill Drill 7-2: Inserting an Oral Airway
   Skill Drill 7-3: Insert Oral Airway with a 90 degree Rotation
   Skill Drill 7-4: Inserting a Nasal Airway
   Skill Drill 7-5: Suctioning a Patient's Airway
   Skill Drill 7-6: Placing an Oxygen Cylinder into Service
   Skill Drill 7-7: Performing Mouth-to-Mask Ventilation
8 Patient Assessment
   Skill Drill 8-2: Focused Physical Exam
12 Cardiovascular Emergencies
   Skill Drill 12-1: Administration of Nitroglycerin
   Skill Drill 12-2: AED and CPR
15 Diabetic Emergencies
   Skill Drill 15-1: Administering Glucose
16 Allergic Reactions and Envenomations
   Skill Drill 16-1: Using an Auto-injector
   Skill Drill 16-2: Using an Ana-Kit
18 Environmental Emergencies
   Skill Drill 18-1: Treating for Heat Exhaustion
   Skill Drill 18-2: Stabilizing a Suspected Spinal Injury in Water
20 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
   Skill Drill 20-1: Delivering the Baby
   Skill Drill 20-2: Giving Chest Compressions to an Infant
22 Bleeding
   Skill Drill 22-1: Controlling External Bleeding
   Skill Drill 22-2: Applying a Pneumatic Antishock Garment (PASG)
   Skill Drill 22-3: Applying a Tourniquet
   Skill Drill 22-4: Controlling Epistaxis
23 Shock
   Skill Drill 23-1: Treating Shock
24 Soft-Tissue Injuries
   Skill Drill 24-1: Controlling Bleeding from a Soft-Tissue Injury
   Skill Drill 24-2: Stabilizing an Impaled Object
   Skill Drill 24-3: Caring For Burns
25 Eye Injuries
   Skill Drill 25-1: Remove Foreign Object From Under Upper Eyelid
   Skill Drill 25-2: Stabilizing a Foreign Object Impaled in the Eye
26 Face and Throat Injuries
   Skill Drill 26-1: Controlling Bleeding From a Neck Injury
29 Musculoskeletal Care
   Skill Drill 29-2: Caring for Musculoskeletal Injuries
   Skill Drill 29-3: Applying a Rigid Splint
   Skill Drill 29-5: Applying an Unzippered Air Splint
   Skill Drill 29-6: Applying a Vacuum Splint
   Skill Drill 29-8: Applying a Sager Traction Splint
   Skill Drill 29-9: Splinting the Hand and Wrist
30 Head and Spine Injuries
   Skill Drill 30-1: Performing Manual In-Line Stabilization
   Skill Drill 30-4: Stabilize a Patient Found in Standing Position
   Skill Drill 30-5: Application of a Cervical Collar
   Skill Drill 30-6: Removing a Helmet
32 Pediatric Assessment and Management
   Skill Drill 32-1: Positioning the Airway in a Child
   Skill Drill 32-2: Inserting an Oropharyngeal Airway in a Child
   Skill Drill 32-3: Inserting a Nasopharyngeal Airway in a Child
   Skill Drill 32-4: One-Rescuer BVM Ventilation on a Child
   Skill Drill 32-5: Foreign Body Obstruction Unconscious Child
   Skill Drill 32-6: Performing Infant Chest Compressions
   Skill Drill 32-7: Performing CPR on a Child
   Skill Drill 32-8: Immobilizing a Child
   Skill Drill 32-9: Immobilizing an Infant in a Car Seat
   Skill Drill 32-10: Immobilizing an Infant Out of a Car Seat
34 Geriatric Assessment and Management
   Skill Drill 34-2: Splinting a Hip Fracture
39 Advanced Airway Management
   Skill Drill 39-1: Performing the Sellick Maneuver
40 Assisting With Intravenous Therapy
   Skill Drill 40-1: Spiking the Bag