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1:  The central nervous system is divided into three areas. Which of the following areas is not included in those three?
A: Cerebrum
B: Brain stem
C: Meninges
D: Cerebellum

2:  What controls the body's vital organs?
A: somatic nervous system
B: autonomic nervous system
C: the brain
D: sensory nerves

3:  How many vertebrae are in the thoracic region of the spinal cord?
A: 5
B: 7
C: 4
D: 12

4:  Bruising behind the ear is known as _________, and it is considered a later sign of a head injury.
A: raccoon eyes
B: battle's sign
C: ecchymosis
D: turner's sign

5:  What is the most common complication of a head injury?
A: Subdural bleed
B: Epidural bleed
C: Cerebral edema
D: Retrograde amnesia

6:  Using the Glasgow Coma Scale what total score would you give a patient that opens his eyes to your voice, answers all questions correctly and is able to obey your motor commands?
A: 15
B: 14
C: 8
D: 3

7:  When you suspect a head or spinal injury, how would you open the airway?
A: Head tilt
B: Chin lift
C: Do not open the airway
D: Jaw thrust

8:  When treating a patient with a helmet on you should remove the helmet only when:
A: you are otherwise unable to maintain an airway.
B: it is uncomfortable for the patient.
C: you can't apply a cervical collar.
D: the helmet will not fit on a backboard.

9:  If you do not have a pediatric backboard, how should you stabilize a child on a regular backboard?
A: Do not use a regular backboard
B: Pad the entire body
C: Pad the shoulders
D: Elevate only the feet on the backboard

10:  A(n) _________ bleed is bleeding outside the dura mater in the skull.
A: Epidural
B: Subdural
C: Intracerebral
D: Concussion

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