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1:  What organ is responsible for temperature regulation in the body?
A: Liver
B: Heart
C: Sweat glands
D: Skin

2:  In the most severe cases how much blood can a hematoma hold?
A: A pint
B: A quart
C: A liter
D: A gallon

3:  What does "R" in the acronym RICES stand for?
A: Reassure
B: Rest
C: Reassess
D: Raise

4:  A ________ is a smooth, sharp cut in the skin.
A: Laceration
B: Avulsion
C: Incision
D: Abrasion

5:  What should the EMT-B assess on a patient with a gunshot wound?
A: Type of gun used
B: Entrance and exit wound
C: How many rounds were fired
D: All of the above

6:  When the EMT-B finds a sucking chest wound, what type of dressing should be used to cover the injury?
A: An occlusive dressing
B: A 4 x 4 gauze patch
C: A pressure bandage
D: A triangle bandage

7:  What is the correct term for an abdominal cavity wound with organs protruding?
A: Laceration
B: Amputation
C: Evisceration
D: Incision

8:  When treating a finger amputation the EMT-B should put the amputated part:
A: in paper bag, packed on ice.
B: directly on ice.
C: in a plastic bag, wrapped and laid on ice.
D: none of the above.

9:  A ________ burn extends through all the layers of the skin and the patient may have no feeling to the burned area.
A: partial-thickness
B: full-thickness
C: superficial
D: second-degree

10:  After BSI precautions, the first step in taking care of a patient covered in dry chemical is to:
A: flush with water.
B: leave the chemical alone and transport.
C: brush it off.
D: cover with a sterile dressing.

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