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1:  The cardiovascular system contains all of the following EXCEPT:
A: blood vessels.
B: blood and body fluids.
C: cerebrospinal fluid.
D: the heart.

2:  Which blood vessel returns blood from the lungs to the left atrium?
A: Pulmonary vein
B: Pulmonary artery
C: Aorta
D: Vena cava

3:  When an adult patient quickly loses approximately 20% of his or her circulating blood volume, the patient?s blood pressure will:
A: increase.
B: decrease.
C: remain the same.
D: cause kidney damage.

4:  A(n) _______ bleed will be characterized as bright red and spurting.
A: venous
B: arterial
C: capillary
D: hemorrhagic

5:  When treating a patient with a venous bleed on the forearm, your first step would be to:
A: apply direct pressure.
B: take personal protection.
C: use a pressure point.
D: apply a tourniquet.

6:  The following are all indications for applying the PASG EXCEPT:
A: control of massive soft-tissue bleeding in the lower extremities.
B: control of internal bleeding associated with pelvic fractures.
C: control of massive bleeding in a pregnant woman.
D: stabilize fractures of the pelvis and femurs.

7:  When bleeding will not stop the last resort is to apply a(n):
B: air splint.
C: pressure.
D: tourniquet.

8:  After taking BSI precautions, the first step in treating a patient suffering from epistaxis is to:
A: apply direct pressure.
B: apply ice.
C: help the patient sit forward.
D: transport the patient.

9:  What is the most common sign or symptom of internal bleeding?
A: Tachycardia
B: Hypovolemia
C: Pain
D: Dyspnea

10:  Which of the following is another name for a bruise?
A: Ecchymosis
B: Hematoma
C: Hematemesis
D: Hemoptysis

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