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1:  What is the first question you should ask a person suspected of ingesting (swallowing)a poison such a lye?
A: What substance did you take?
B: Where is the rest of the substance?
C: What is your age and weight?
D: Did you take another substance?

2:  Opioids are medications with actions similar to:
A: atropine ( Jimson weed).
B: morphine.
C: nerve gas.
D: cocaine.

3:  Essentially poisons get into the patients body by inhalation, injection, ingestion, and:
A: through the ears and eyes.
B: on the tongue.
C: by absorption.
D: by dilution.

4:  Poisons that come in contact with the surface of the body can affect the patient in many ways, therefore, it is important to distinguish between contact absorption and:
A: contact rashes.
B: contact hydrocarbons ( petroleum).
C: contact dermatitis.
D: contact burns.

5:  If local protocol allows you to administer activated charcoal, you should administer the premixed suspension:
A: in a covered cup with a straw.
B: in a cup, but not with a straw.
C: directly from the container, after shaking the container vigorously.
D: in two separate doses, from the container, half the contents in each dose.

6:  Which of the four avenues of poisoning can be the most worrisome?
A: Injection
B: Absorption
C: Digestion
D: Inhalation

7:  Contrary to the thinking of television detectives, the only other parties who are likely to have injected a patient with poison are:
A: date rapists or other rapists.
B: mentally ill persons.
C: insects and animals.
D: a killer/murderer.

8:  Treatment focuses on support: assessing and maintaining the ABC's, being sure to:
A: monitor the patient's breathing.
B: monitor the patient's pulse.
C: monitor the patient's temperature.
D: level of consciousness.

9:  The "street" name for crack cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine is:
A: coke.
B: speed.
C: ecstacy.
D: meth.

10:  This is one of the most addicting drugs known:
B: Valium
C: Nembutal
D: Cocaine

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