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Select a Chapter Interactivities

These interactivities are designed to let you experiment with the most important EMT-B skills in the safety of a virtual environment. Every chapter in the Ninth Edition provides interactivities for you to experiment with and learn from.

Interactive Ready for Review - Interactive Ready for Review will help you prepare for exams.

Interactive Skill Drills - Interactive Skill Drills will help you with the most important skills taught in an EMT-Basic course.

Assessment in Action - Challenge your problem solving abilities with these detailed scenarios, complete with questions and feedback.

Ambulance Calls - These real case scenarios provide an opportunity to explore the concerns associated with patient management.

9-1-1 Scenarios - These scenarios present actual 9-1-1 calls and engaging questions designed to give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and learn from experience.

Videos: Skills in Action - Here, you can watch an experienced EMT-Basic perform the important skills you need to learn. Seeing these skills in action will help you to cope confidently and correctly when faced with an emergency.