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EMT-Basic Practical Skills Review DVD

Each copy of Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Ninth Edition, includes the EMT-Basic Practical Skills Review DVD. This DVD walks students through the skills that must be successfully completed as part of the national EMT-Basic practical examination process.

This DVD will play on almost all Set-Top box DVD players and Computer DVD-ROM’s. Due to the fact that the DVD was created with a fairly high bit rate it may not work with older DVD-ROMs and Set-Top boxes.

If you are trying to play the DVD on your computer you will need the following system requirements:

DVD-ROM (not the same as a CD_ROM)
DVD Player software (such as WinDVD, CyberLink Power DVD, etc.)
Note: Some DVD playing software requires DirectX9 which is a free download from Microsoft.

If you think you have met the system requirements listed above and you’re DVD Player or DVD-ROM is fairly new you may have a software or hardware problem. In this case, please contact the vendor of the Computer or DVD Player.