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Select a Chapter Interactivities: 9-1-1 Scenarios

These scenarios present actual 9-1-1 calls and engaging questions designed to give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge and learn from experience. This exercise provides excellent preparation for the daily challenges faced by EMT-Basics working in the field.

Chapter Chapter Title
7 Airway
   Difficulty Breathing
11 Respiratory Emergencies
   Chest Pain
12 Cardiovascular Emergencies
   Heart Problems
13 Neurologic Emergencies
15 Diabetic Emergencies
19 Behavioral Emergencies
21 Kinematics of Trauma
22 Bleeding
29 Musculoskeletal Care
30 Head and Spine Injuries
   Neck Injury
32 Pediatric Assessment and Management
   Breathing Problems
34 Geriatric Assessment and Management
   Cardiac Arrest